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Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
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New Products

Radiant in-floor heating is now a popular heating alternative in Canada. Homeowners appreciate the feeling of warm floors when the weather is cold outside and a warm even heat throughout the house. The added benefit of being energy efficient just adds to the many reasons why radiant in-floor heating is the best solution to heat your house or commercial building. For basic information on in-floor heating please view our brochure here(link) or contact us for a paper copy, this page here will just add onto what has already been said in the brochure and...

Residential Fire Sprinklers

A growing number of communities across the country are rapidly changing their building codes to mandate the use of residential fire sprinklers. Why are these communities changing their codes? Fire sprinklers have mostly been designed for commercial applications but now uponor has designed a system that makes it cost effective and easy to install in residential homes. This system ties into your domestic water lines that are already surrounding your house, reducing installation costs and eliminating backflow devices that would have to be serviced annually. Builders Over the past 30+ years we have worked hard to meet our customers demands as Richfield is committed to delivering the highest quality in plumbing services. We couldn’t have had this great success without the high expectations of our custom home builders. It isn’t easy building people their dream homes; organization, planning and good communication is key. All of our builders are unique but the common goal is there, thank you to all our builders below.


Check out some local showrooms/suppliers we recommend and browse around for In- Floor Heating and Plumbing fixtures.

Other Tradesmen

Finding tradesmen in Edmonton and surrounding area can sometimes become a very confusing and difficult task as a number of questions come in mind like their previous records, easiness to work with, background, quality of workmanship and so on. At Richfield, we have worked with some really good tradesmen and some really bad ones. This page lists all of our other trades friends to help with the question, do you know a good electrician or tiler or roofer…? Most of our BUILDERS have quality trades working for them but sometimes need a new tradesmen for various reasons. We also work for people that are building their own homes that get confused by all the options and process of building a home that ask us for experienced tradesmen. Friends and family always ask for good tradesmen to do small renovations around the house. Local tradesmen offer their services in different forms like electricians, sheet metal, builders, plumbers, roofers, tilers, tapers, painters, decorators, drywallers, insulators and a number of others.
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