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Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
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Richfield Plumbing & Heating has provided Natural and Propane (LP) gas lines for residences and businesses since 1979. We install gas lines for any gas appliance within the building as well as exterior and underground gas lines whether it is new construction, renovation or simply just an addition to an existing line such as a bbq. We also provide gas lines for temporary heaters during the winter months. As well as installing gas lines, we also install the appliance and ensure they are operating correctly and adjust the flame properly.

Our Services Include:

Furnaces BBQ’s Boilers Hot water tanks Fireplaces Fireplace log lighters (for wood fireplaces) Cook tops and ranges Dryers Garage heaters (radiant tube or forced air) Underground gas piping (to detached garage or other buildings) Patio heaters Gas line re-test Incinerators Temporary construction heaters Any other appliance that involves Natural or Propane(LPG) gas

Additional Info

A typical natural gas line has the pressure reduced directly before the meter to 7” WC or about 1/4 PSI and continues to lose pressure throughout the house due to friction loss. All gas lines have to be sized accordingly to provide enough pressure at the gas appliance regardless of whether any or all other appliances are on or not. If the pressure is too low then the appliance will not work as powerfully as it should, and secondly the burner will not mix the gas with enough air and highly toxic carbon monoxide may be produced. If the gas pressure is too high then too much heat may be produced, and the flames may lift off from the burner, burn noisily, or even blow out.

The Richfield Difference

At Richfield our installers are trained and certified for the installation of all types of rigid and flexible gas lines and venting materials. Richfield is also certified with a First Class Gas Ticket allowing the ability to work on any size gas appliance and ensuring our customers that only the most trained installers will work for them. Our preferred method for new installations is and always will be black iron pipe throughout the building as it is a proven material for gas and lasts a lifetime. Flexible gas lines are used on renovations and smaller jobs where it may not be accessible or cost effective to use a pipe threader but whenever possible it is important to always use black iron pipe.
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