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Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
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Be Green, Save Water, Time, Energy and Stop Running Water Down the Drain!

We would all like to be green. But we all do it. Run water down the drain while waiting for hot water. It’s not exactly water conservation, but who is going to jump into the shower when the water is freezing cold! Well no one. Is there a way to be green and avoid wasting all that water by running it down the drain? Yes. A hot water circulating system will eliminate the need to run that water down the drain. How it works? A dedicated waterline called a recirculating line is installed from the farthest fixture (from the tank) back to the hot water tank. A pump (installed near the tank) is activated and cycles the cool water back into the tank and fills the hot waterline with new hot water. The water that was previously cooled now gets heated again. A roughed in recirculating line is installed in every house done by Richfield Plumbing. What tells the pump to turn on? Richfield has three types of methods to turn the pump on; timer, push button & motion sensor. Timer: This is the most cost effective style of pump and requires the homeowner to set a timer for when they want the pump to start. Usually in the morning and evening etc. This is good if the homeowners schedule is roughly always the same. Push button: A push button is installed when the homeowner doesn’t want to use timers because they may have changing schedules and continually setting a timer would be inconvenient and a motion sensor would be impractical because the farthest fixture is in a high traffic area such as a kitchen. Motion sensor: This is more efficient than a timer but also more costly. Ideally the sensor should be installed in the ensuite. The sensor will turn the pump on when someone enters the ensuite and by the time hot water is needed, it is already near the fixture. When hot water returns to the pump than the pump will shut off.
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