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Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
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Introduction To In-Floor Heating

Radiant in-floor heating is now a popular heating alternative in Canada. Homeowners appreciate the feeling of warm floors when the weather is cold outside and a warm even heat throughout the house. The added benefit of being energy efficient just adds to the many reasons why radiant in-floor heating is the best solution to heat your house or commercial building. For basic information on in-floor heating please view our brochure here(link) or contact us for a paper copy, this page here will just add onto what has already been said in the brochure and give further options. The Advantages The main advantage of in-floor radiant heating is the obvious comfort of having your body and objects warmed instead of the air. In-floor heating has important health benefits since it does not blow dirt, dust, bacteria, odors, viruses and pet dander around the house. An in-floor heating system is felt but not seen or heard.  There are no heat registers to disrupt with furniture placement or interior design. There are no fans or blower noise, just peace and quiet. This system can also be used with any type of floor covering, even hardwood. This is a more efficient heating system than forced air, saving you money because you can keep thermostats at a lower temperature. In-floor heating systems offer you the option of having a different temperature in every room.  Everyone can be comfortable. The options are endless as you can heat your whole house or just a small area, you can heat your domestic hot water with an indirect hot water maker or combine your water heater with solar. Use your boiler to heat forced air with a fan coil or use it to heat your bathroom and towels with a towel warmer. Heat your granite or concrete countertops, your driveway or sidewalks, or even your walls.

Entire House or Selected Rooms

IHomeowners can choose to install hydronic radiant in-floor heating throughout the house, or in selected rooms. The most popular rooms with this type of heating are the bathroom, kitchen, living room and rooms where the most time is spent or wherever cold tile can be warmed. If only selected rooms have this type of heating, then a separate heating and ventilation system is required to heat the remainder of the home. The system can also be “zoned” so that there are thermostats or floor temperature sensors for each area. One thing about in-floor heating is that you have already paid for the boiler and the system. Adding more areas such as the garage, main floor bathrooms, a fan coil, hot water maker or even your whole house with in-floor heating is just going to utilize more of the boilers capacity and is going to be cost effective as the bulk of the cost is in the heating board and boiler which is needed anyways. Most homeowners want in-floor heating in their basement where it is the coldest part of the house, especially if it is a walkout. This is because thermostats in most houses are on the main floor where it is warmer. The way a house should be built is to have every floor with it’s own thermostat or even better, having a thermostat in every area or room. This way a room with more outside walls and big windows feels the same as any other room in the house. Garage in-floor heating is excellent since a heated garage or shop has even heat even near the doors. Also, when garage doors are opened the heated floor quickly heats up the garage with its large surface area holding the heat as a forced air unit heater loses ALL heat instantly. Another great feature is that any snow that has fallen off vehicles will melt and drain into the floor drain instantly and keeps your floor clean. The snow will also melt approximately 4-6” outside the garage door so no snow piles up outside the door and makes shoveling easier. Snow melt systems for driveways and sidewalks are nice to have and not as costly to operate as some might think as a snow sensor is placed in the pad and only turns on when needed. Renovations It seems in-floor heating has become almost a standard for most custom new homes because it is really easy to install when the house is built for the first time. What most homeowners are unaware of is that in-floor heating can easily be installed in an older home as well. Actually it is more preferred in an older home as insulation and the total building envelope is considered “loose”, allowing more heat loss and cool zones to occur. Replacing your old hot water tank with a tankless water heater or a boiler can allow in- floor heating to be installed in your basement or even on the upper floors and also provide your house with never ending efficient domestic hot water.
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