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Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
Specializing in custom new homes/renovations and hydronic in-floor heating since 1979
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Go Green with Richfield

Whether you are building a new property or renovating, there are plenty of green plumbing products available to ensure that your water and energy use is as low and environmentally friendly as possible. The use of green plumbing products can significantly reduce water and energy usage also, therefore saving you money! Some products are available for government grants. Not all of these products are new; some are improvements on old products or products that is not widely known.

Whole House Water

Pre-Filtration System

Filters incoming water as soon as it enters the home and allows flushing of dirt, sand, scale and rust down the drain. Removing sediment from your water will help protect your appliances, pipes and other plumbing infrastructure from scale and dirt build-up. Great for acreages.

Grundfos Alpha Pump

Used on hydronic systems, this pump can be used to save the customer up to 80% in electricity costs compared to other systems. Richfield uses these pumps wherever practical to ensure the best and most cost effective system is installed. Click the picture to learn more.

Brac Grey Water

Recycling System

A grey water system is the single best way to save water in any building, helping you save 30% to 40% on your annual water bill. Basically it uses the drainage from showers, tubs, washing machines and rainwater to supply your toilets and irrigation with water. For more information please go to www.bracsystems.com


Neutralization Tank

High efficient appliances are very popular and especially when it comes to boilers and furnaces. These boilers/furnaces work so efficiently that the products of combustion are actually cooled enough to turn into water, meaning there is no more heat left in the exhaust. The problem is that the water (condensate) is actually very acidic which hurts the environment, septic systems (acid kills the bacteria needed for this system to work) and drain pipes. The condensate neutralization tank neutralizes the condensate to a neutral pH level before it is discharged to drain. For more information please go to www.axiomind.com

Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for a long time but now starting to get very practical and easy to connect to your plumbing system. The process is simple; a water solution is heated by circulating through solar heating panels, back down to your hot water tank and through a heat exchanger coil in the hot water tank thus heating your domestic hot water. If the solar energy can’t keep up then the second energy source connected to the tank such as the boiler or gas burner will start. A simple control can be mounted like a thermostat that calculates dollar savings, reduction in C02 emissions plus displays tank and solar collector temperatures. For more information go to www.enerworks.com

Domestic Hot Water


This system will capture the heat that you are throwing down your drain pipes and place it back into your cold water supply to your hot water tank. DWHR systems have no moving parts and require no electricity to operate and no maintenance. This will also increase the life and recovery time of your hot water tank plus a smaller hot water tank size may be allowed saving even more money. This system works seamlessly with the grey water system mentioned above, as the water entering the brac tank is hot from the showers, tubs or washing machine. We can put the DWHR right above the brac tank near the hot water tank that is all located in the mechanical room so it works efficiently and effortlessly. For more information please go to www.watercycles.ca
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