Drain Maintenance

Slow drains never, ever repair themselves. The water may slowly dissipate but that drain is toying with you, waiting patiently for the next inconvenient moment to disrupt your home. Don’t wait till you have a clogged drain.

Drain Cleaning

By attaching the appropriate bit to the auger cable, it can break through a variety of solid blockages. Here are a few common areas in which you’ll need Richfield Plumbing’s help:

  • Toilets
  • Kitchen sink
  • Bathroom sink
  • Shower or tub
  • Laundry

Tip: A plunger can effectively dislodge small blockages but be careful. It is very common for wax seals under toilets and pipes under sinks to be damaged by vigorous plunging.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is a great way to rejuvenate your pipes by using high-pressure water to blast away all the dirt, sludge, and grease from all the walls of the pipe. Drain jetting returns your plumbing to the day it was installed by basically pressure washing your pipes 360°. Champion plumbing recommends the following options:

  • in conjunction with drain cleaning fully blocked drains
  • Slow moving drains
  • Heavily used drains that are over 15yrs old

BioOne Organic Treatment

Many drain cleaners are full of harmful acids and toxic chemicals! Why do so many people prefer BioOne?

  1. It’s family safe
  2. Easily applied by homeowners
  3. Protects your plumbing drains by introducing patented bacteria that degrades fat, oil, grease, organic waste build up through a natural biological digestion
  4. 1 bottle of Bio-One that lasts 32 treatments

The only negative effect it has is that you won’t be seeing your friendly neighbourhood plumber as much. Your drains will run clear and free.

Sewer Cleaning

Common signs that your sewer is developing a blockage are:

  1. Slow moving drains in basements
  2. Gulps of air pockets in drains after the fixtures have been used
  3. Floor drains or shower stops draining, is overflowing or have black debris around the drain

Typically, sewers are blocked by gradual buildup or tree roots but sometimes the pipe itself breaks down or wasn’t installed properly to begin with. Don’t procrastinate, call Richfield Plumbing when your sewer is backed up or showing the warning signs.

Backwater Valve Cleaning

Backwater valves require periodic maintenance such as cleaning the valve assembly of debris and build-up, ensuring the gate moves freely and inspecting gaskets. By having Richfield Plumbing do periodic maintenance on your backwater valve, you can be sure it will operate properly when you need it most.

Video Pipe Inspection

Don’t wait for a flooded basement to check your sewer. Richfield Plumbing can use our cameras to check

  1. Drain slope
  2. Identify blockages or tree roots
  3. Locate drains