Gas Lines

There are plenty of reasons to use natural gas in your home whether it’s convenience, reliability, efficiency or saving money. Gas lines run throughout your house from your gas meter to your appliances such as your furnace, water heater, BBQ, boiler, fireplace, garage heater, range, dryer and patio heaters. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we’ll also be your friendly neighborhood gasfitter!

Garage Heaters

Aren’t you’re tired of tinkering in your garage in our cold winters? We can run gas to your garage and install a garage heater to keep your work space and vehicles comfortable during those inevitable cold days.


Never worry about filling your BBQ tanks again! We can run gas to your BBQ and you can enjoy non-stop cookouts all season long.

Propane Conversion

Did you know we can convert your propane gas appliances to natural gas? No more running out of propane just as you’re ready for a BBQ or use your fire table.

Cook Top And Ranges

Cook like a chef with greater control with gas. Even if your not a pro, you’ll look like one and you’ll save money while having a great looking and long lasting appliance in your kitchen.

Gas Leak Repair

If you suspect there is a gas leak in your home, call immediately and we will advise you what you should do to keep your house safe.

Gas Line Retest

When your gas has been shut off for 6 months or a leak is detected in your gas line, you may be required to ensure your gas line is safe by doing an air test and getting it inspected. We handle all the permits to ensure you get gas on as soon as possible.

Underground Gas

Need gas to a detached garage or firepit? We will trench a gas line underground and do all the necessary connections to get your project moving.

Smoke and CO Detectors

So you know that carbon monoxide is bad for you – and can even be fatal. CO is produced any time fuel is burned. Potential sources include furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, stoves and boilers. Richfield Plumbing looks for warning signs of danger and recommends CO detectors if required in your home. We do this complimentary with our home inspection and carry CO detectors in our van’s.