Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are used continuously throughout the day 365 days a year and we help customers when their fixtures are leaking or not functioning properly


Eventually, all toilets will need to be serviced. When your toilet is wasting water or leaking, it’s a problem that you need to have fixed asap. Here are some common toilet issues:

  1. Loose toilet seat
  2. Leaking wax and tank/bowl seals
  3. Shut off valve leaks or doesn’t shut off
  4. Water running, ghost flushing
  5. Too little water
  6. Plugged


There comes a time with every plumbing fixture where it is best to just replace it and not have to worry about the hassles of repairs or using old fixtures. By getting Richfield Plumbing to install your fixtures, you know it is going to get installed right the first time whether it is:  

    1. Toilet
    2. Kitchen faucets
    3. Tub Spout
    4. Bathroom basin or faucet
    5. Shower Valve
    6. Sinks
    7. Shower head or hand-held sprayer


Need help picking out your fixtures? Want to talk with someone experienced to go over options? Visit up to 5 showrooms in Edmonton to help you make your decision.

  1. Wolseley
    18404-116 ave, Edmonton, (780)452-0340
  2. EMCO
    10930-184 st Edmonton, (780)452-3626
  3. B.A Robinson
    18511-104ave Edmonton, (780)453-5714
  4. Bartle & Gibson
    13475 Fort Rd. Edmonton, (780)472-2850
  5. Best Plumbing
    11703 154 St Edmonton, (780) 451-2432