Plumbing Services

Plumbing Leaks

Small plumbing leaks can go unnoticed for a long time, so it’s important to look for warning signs such as water spots on ceilings or walls, visible water or increased water consumption.

Richfield Plumbing will look for these warning signs as part of our complimentary home mechanical inspection and provide advice. It is crucial that leaks are fixed immediately to avoid damage.

Sump Pump

Having water come into your home uncontrollably is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Unfortunately, if sump pumps are ignored, this is a real possibility during an excessive rain fall or snow melt.

Sump Pump Maintenance Steps

  1. Remove the cover. Check the tank for debris such as mud and rocks
  2. Flush the system. Use a hose/bucket to fill sump and give a basic wash to the sump and pump.
  3. Inspect the float. As the water fills the tank, make sure the float travels freely on the float rod.
  4. Inspect the pump. When the pump turns on, listen for strange sounds and look to see if the water is being pumped away. The pump should run smoothly. If it doesn’t, that could signal worn or damaged parts
  5. Inspect the discharge pipe. In the spring, make sure the discharge is going to pump away from the property. Avoid keeping hoses placed in window wells. In the winter, make sure to remove any hoses as they will freeze.
  6. Plan for failure. Unfortunately, sump pumps can fail at any time. Replace the pump if it’s 10 years or older. Install an alarm to let you know the water level is rising. Install a battery back up sump pump.

Hose Bib (Outdoor Faucet)

Is your hose bib leaking when you water the grass? Non-freeze hose bibs are now standard but when you call Richfield Plumbing to replace your hose bib, you will receive the Woodford 19 which is a Non-Burst hose bib.

Tired of having just cold water for your sprinklers or small pools? Let us install a hot/cold hose bib to keep your kids having fun.

Spring Tip:

Every spring we get flooded with calls from customers (sorry for the bad pun) who spent a good portion of their day watering the lawn, only to find their basement full of water. So when you turn your water on in the spring, go into the basement and look at the ceiling where the hose bib is and inspect for water signs. Typically it is quite noticeable. To help prevent this, see our winter tip!

Fall Tip:

Don’t be a drip, remove your hose from the outdoor faucet over the winter!

Water Lines

Whether you need a waterline added or moved, Richfield Plumbing can install copper or PEX to get the water flowing. Common problems we solve are:

  • Main water valve replacements
  • Poly B water line repairs or full home replacements
  • Install new waterlines
  • Fixing existing waterlines
  • Smart water detection and shutoff. Flo By Moen

Frozen And Burst Pipes

In Alberta, frozen waterlines are common in winter. Your drains and water lines need to be protected with:

  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Heating

If these lines aren’t protected properly, they will freeze in the winter and won’t provide water to the fixture. Unfortunately, the major issues occur when the weather warms up and the pipes expand and burst. Richfield Plumbing has thermal cameras available to see where the issue is occurring and can fix the problem and the pipes.

Water Check Valve Testing

Did you know that it is required to have a backflow device on the main water supply in every commercial or multi-residential property and have it tested annually?

It is also code to have backflow devices installed on irrigation systems, pools, fire sprinklers, boiler systems and grey water systems in residential properties.

This helps keep our public water safe. Call Richfield Plumbing to have a backflow device installed or tested.

Backwater Valve

What’s worse than having sewage back up in your house? Not too much. Backwater valves prevent sewage from the sewer main from entering your house during major storms. If you have concerns, call Richfield Plumbing and we will

  • Locate your sewer clean-out
  • Break and remove the necessary concrete and dirt
  • Cut the main sewer line and add a backwater valve
  • Get a permit and inspection
  • Replace the concrete.

Did you know that Epcor will give you $800 to get this done? Before we do our work, call EPCOR at 780-944-7777 or email to get an inspection. As you can see, there are many positives to having a backwater valve installed and along with the subsidy, it is a great investment and can help save money on your home insurance.

Drainage And Venting

Whether you need drainage/venting added or moved, Richfield Plumbing will help. Common problems we solve are:

  • Kitchen sink relocating
  • Cast iron or copper replacement
  • Moving laundry to a different floor
  • Adding a sink(bar, utility, garage etc)
  • Under sink re-piping
  • Toilet floor flange replacing


Food waste disposals make life in the kitchen easier by offering a simple solution to a common everyday problem. Richfield Plumbing can help you by repairing, removing or replacing your garborator.

Garborators Love:

  • Ice cubes
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cold water and lots of it
  • Operating often

Garborators Dislike:

  • Fibrous foods
  • Large items
  • Operating very little
  • Foreign objects

Water Pressure Systems

Whether you have a well or cistern, Richfield Plumbing can increase your water pressure and decrease your stress!

The first step is to do an analysis of your water pressure system. This includes:

  • Inspection of the components and operation
  • Checking the flow rate
  • Pre and post water treatment water test
  • Toilet tank test(looking for slime, sand, H2S/iron traces, smell)

Appliance Installation

Bought new appliances? Need help with the installation? Call Richfield Plumbing the next time you need the installation of a:

  • Dishwasher
  • Gas stove
  • Washer dryer
  • Refrigerator

Insurance Investigation

Have an insurance claim? Need a second opinion? Richfield Plumbing will help by giving an honest, neutral opinion and have it in writing.